Planting the Seeds of Trust

planting seeds of trust

I spend my days helping leaders create remarkable teams. I coach these leaders, design customized workshops, and perform a magnitude of team building activities with them. I often reflect that we put so much work into building leaders and teams, when in theory, good teams are developed through trust. In the 1960s, Jack Gibbs wrote that higher levels of trust create higher levels of functioning in groups.  In order for teams to develop trust, they need to be able to answer four questions:

  1. Who am I – do I trust myself?  A little self-awareness goes a long way!
  2. Who are you (my leader / my coworker) – this is why it is so important to show up as your authentic self in work and at home!
  3. What are we here to do – what is our vision, who do we aspire to be, how is my job important in realizing our vision?
  4. How are we going to do it – what are our processes and procedures, what are our roles and responsibilities, what decisions can I make independently?

We must begin planting seeds of trust to enable groups to work efficiently.  In a series of upcoming blogs, we will explore each of these ideas and ways that leaders and individuals can intentionally help their groups answer each question.


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