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Individual Coaching

Imagine yourself in a thriving and rewarding career, doing what you love, to advance personally and professionally. Whether you are looking to make a career transition or move to the next level, coaching can help you. We offer a variety of supporting assessments including EQi 2.0, MBTI, and Energy Leadership.

Leadership Programs

Our leadership development programs support leaders from the time enter into their first leadership role until long after arrival in the C-suite. We offer new leader integrations, individual coaching, and group development programs.

Custom Programs

Are you facing an organization wide business problem? Organization development consulting can assess the root cause of your problems and help you create positive solutions to move your business forward.

Offsites and Retreats

Let us help you design and facilitate offsite retreats to support strategic planning, mission and vision creation or team building. We customize solutions to support the creation of remarkable teams.


Magnolia Leadership can help you determine what success means to you
Sometimes you need a guide to help you navigate today's world

Have you ever been startled awake by your alarm only to tap the snooze button again and again? When you finally pull yourself from restless, snooze induced sleep, you ask why you are returning to a ho-hum job that is unfulfilling? This is where I found myself in 2009 as a director at a Fortune 500 sized organization. I was tired, frustrated and frankly burned out. I knew it was time to make a change, but what did I want to be when I grew up? So the search began... What parts of my job did I love, what parts could I tolerate, what got me excited and made me want to go to work? This search took me on a journey of self-awakening to find my purpose in life and make a complete career change. Since then, I have been helping individuals, teams, and even organizations identify and realize their dreams and visions. Let me help you too!

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Meet Laura

Let Laura help you create the space to live a remarkable life
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Laura Hastings


Founder of Magnolia Leadership, Laura is an organization development consultant, executive coach, and an accomplished leader. Her 25-year career has focused on helping organizations from non-profits to technology companies. She helps leaders, teams, and organizations identify new ways to resolve long-standing issues.

She specializes in using experiential and strengths-based approaches to generate solutions that build on what is already working. She is deeply committed to helping leaders create remarkable lives at home and at work.

Prior to founding Magnolia Leadership, Laura held senior leadership positions with a Fortune 500-sized organization. She was the director of multiple divisions that drove strategy, organization development, and change management to commercial and government clients.

Laura holds an M.S. in Organization Development from American University. She is trained in Appreciative Inquiry, is an executive coach, certified professional facilitator, and certified to perform 360º reviews as well as multiple self-assessments including the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). In her free time Laura loves cycling, maintains a regular yoga and mindfulness practice, and enjoys spending time laughing with friends and family.

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